EnviroLastic® Polyurea Products:
EnviroLastic AL450 SS: 100% solids, fast cure, low odor, spray applied, high build, polyurea elastomeric surfacing system. EnviroLastic AL 450 SS is an aliphatic polyurea which is color fast and, unlike some aromatic polyureas, will resist yellowing.

EnviroLastic AR200 HD: Heavy duty polyurea system designed to be used where a more dense, hard, abrasion resistant and tear resistant system is required, such as loading docks and high traffic areas.

EnviroLastic AR425: General Polymers polyurea work-horse system designed for most applications. 425% Elongation, +3,000 psi Tensile

EnviroLastic AR520 PW: Approved by UL to meet the requirements of NSF Standard 61.

EnviroLastic AR520 SS: Ideally suited as a decorative flooring system, impact resistant wall system, and a waterproof deck coating. EnviroLastic AR520SS also is used for slip resistance areas and mechanical rooms.

EnviroLastic AR530 Brush Grade: A hand mixed brush grade material for making repairs or touch ups to the EnviroLastic spray materials.

Caulking / Sealants:

EnviroLastic JS80 SL: Shore A-80 polyurea joint sealant for non-moving control joints.


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